sometimes though i start to kind of panic because (assuming i ever get off my ass) if i ever do canon writing or anything i. some of these characters have less importance than others and i made them to scratch a lore / character-building itch rather than to actually incorporate them into my canon arc

sighs i’m getting stressed out over noTHING i’m dumb

the lineup::::

  • serenar - psijic altmer
  • undirah - thalmor bosmer
  • m’izha - thief & alchemist khajiit
  • agurtzane - bodyguard / runaway orsimer
  • katalin - mage breton
  • sakine - dragonborn nord
  • cassien - special piece of shit / blade / greybeard / grim yogurt imperial
  • nedanaren - soldier altmer
  • endris - assassin / angry drunkard dunmer
  • indmira - hermit dunmer
  • seif - swordsinger / bard (u heard me) redguard
  • beryl - swordsinger / companion (the werewolf ones) redguard
  • zar - sad dad argonian

itches i have yet to scratch: 

  • adventurer/archaeologist imperial
  • some kind of forsworn character?
  • maybe zar’s a priest who knows. not to any of the eight divines though probably
sakine had some sleeping tree sap and is currently tripping balls

sakine had some sleeping tree sap and is currently tripping balls

cassien needs a firm kick in the ass and some kind of sense of agency because he is so



  1. undirah’s room at the thalmor embassy, which is where she’d start in skyrim
  2. undirah in her uniform uwu
  3. little sitting area outside. very cozy. 
  4. talkin w/ the boss


in-game undirah and actual-haircut undirah

her actual hair is. decidedly maya-y, i’m not going to deny. she tucks her hair behind her ears when “professional” or to fit it under her uniform’s hood, but when in battle or off-duty (basically never), her hair flops in front of her face as shown. it’s sheared short in the back.

her tattoos are from her youth and were originally a leaf green color, but they are faded by years and undirah wants them completely gone - they are unwelcome reminders of falne, and she has been immersed in thalmor nationalism to the point of feeling self-conscious about both her race and any outward markers of her racial heritage.

she will be thrice as ruthless and thrice as victorious as any altmer agent to feel half as much worth as one.  

i don’t think i ever posted their in-game approximations? hm. seif and beryl ansei, sword-singers (well, trying to be) from hammerfell. beryl is seif’s younger sister but she’ll try hard to pass for his twin. 

game is only so good at creating them - in reality, their tattoos match and beryl has a lot, lot more hair while seif’s is of a different cut. 


i like falne and undirah

why not do both? she’s pretty heavily inundated with thalmor chest-pounding patriotism and spent at least 2 decades being taught and trained for her job so the idea that they gave her a new, less bosmery name isn’t so beyond the pale. undirah is her thalmor name but her birth name is falne. nice.

ondolemar: i want you to turn in a suspected talos worshipper

sakine: what if i sat on your face instead

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cast & crew:


sakine gryfenhil, F nord Dovahkiin
cassien aemilius, M imperial
m'izha, F khajiit
nedanaren, M altmer
endris velvayn, M dunmer
agurtzane gra-sharn, F orsimer
seif ansei, M redguard
beryl ansei, F redguard
katalin coppercroft, F breton
serenar, M altmer
indmira hirune, F dunmer*
falne / undirah, F bosmer


asta basileus, F imperial CoC


varun velvayn, M dunmer Nerevarine

*indmira's mother is dunmer and so she is also, but the other half of her genes are falmer

this blog also comes with mentions of other canon and friends' characters within the TES universe

- emma (eyeb0t)

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